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LambdaStudy is a site run by students, for students.

We aim to provide useful revision resources for Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Currently we are restricting our efforts to A-Level standard, but we do have views to create GCSE resources at a later date.

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Recent Page Additions:

  • A-Level Physics:

    • Thermal Physics:
      • Internal Energy
      • Specific Heat Capacity
      • Latent Heat
      • Gas Laws
      • Molar Mass
    • Nuclear Physics
      • History of Atomic Structure
      • Closest Approach Approximation of Nucleus Radius
      • Electron Diffraction to find Nuclear Radius
      • Generalising equations to find Nuclear Radius and Density
  • A-Level Chemistry:

    • Module 2: Foundations in Chemistry
      • Atomic Structure and Isotopes
      • Compounds, Formulae and Equations